My primary language

Hello to u all! Perhaps you have browsed or read some of my articles lately. This could be your first time to read this! You might find some or more errors in grammar I try to say something. You might think I must come from some foreign country. Actually, this is my second language of English. My primary language is American Sign Language. I find this challenge for me to make it become one so everybody could understand me.

ASL expresses a word with a facial, hands and body language. Many deaf people never learn or know a word to be meant once they expressed the sign of a word.  It summarizes the sentence short instead exaggerating the full sentence. For an instance, most of times, when I want saying something in ASL like “me want go store.” or “me go eat restaurant” but to add the facial expression too depend on the mood. Word sometimes cant be signed we spell it. We do have a poetry with creation in ABC’s letter with signs. It really amazes to see the rhythm like a singing in own culture without noise. I heard this is good breakthrough the language barrier if a person couldn’t express a word at all and decide to learn ASL. Once a person learns it, she or he will find to express more words than before. ASL is beautiful language in own word with poetry.

The grammars is difficult for me. I feel like it makes me to think more hard and try to say something I want to express in word.  That takes me a while to motor my mind running all time to think and find a good word to be expressed. My sign is fast for everybody. I never notice it. They says your sign is fast. You need to slow it down especially if I want to share a testimony or take a presentation. I just can’t let it change who I am for them. However I work on it to make clear and loud so everybody can understand me because I do believe every word I express or talk that is message to them.

Deaf people can write and speak well but not all. I m not surprised hearing people sometimes couldn’t write or speak well because I commune them with pen and paper. I notice their vocabulary and grammar sometimes is off. In deaf community, they and I rely heavy on visions. That s our most strength. In the stats of car accidents, deaf are less likely to get accidents then hearings! That is the fact! You know I would love to hear my own hearings. I have tried using hearing aids. I hate it because it all does drums and noises that’s it.  To be a better in grammar for me is to read more books!

In Slight Edge philosophy, I read a book of Slight Edge, highly recommend you all to buy and read it! It cracks my head on based of the habits I do every day which are those serve and not. It says If you want something to change or improve the habits for better, go first with a baby step to get started. The only way for me to improve my grammar is to do blogs and more involved with communities in social media I m working on it now.. You could check it out at From now to year, I do believe it will be much difference.. The reason is why I just started doing the blog because I feel strongly that my message will be impact on people where they need to heard or known which mean to feel a connection of where I come from. Also I would love to build community and connect networks I love to meet new people since I started doing network marketing in April ’14. I’m being open minded to help any way with you and people to make difference in their life. Philosophy is the main key to stay strong mind and be consistent in what u do. Besides, God is the source of our life. I don’t want to become a religious to you. My relationship with Jesus is amazing. He loves me for who I am. He loves you too. I m humbled before His presence because I can’t be perfect. We are falling in short glory in God. Jesus is who saved our sins and give us His grace and mercy upon us..  ASL flourish who I am.

I learned that a language is the only to be taught in own culture to understand better in communication and environment. I grew up the only deaf in my family. Communication is tough for me and my family because I live in deaf world which is ahead too far for them to keep up with my sign when they try to understand me. The only problem is they are not in deaf world though. They have tried and still do commune with me but not many deep conversations we can talk anything. This is my why to do the blogs so they can understand me.

You could learn more about my culture.

Hope you find to interest many thing learning new things in deaf world! Thank you for your time. Any comments? if so please do! Thank you for reading and your time. I will do the same on my end!




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I am being deaf, living in southern california, and network marketer. My dream is to be truly financial freedom.

16 thoughts on “My primary language”

    1. Yeah if u get into deaf world, you will pick a quick learn. Like I heard many people who are hard of hearing or deaf never go to deaf school or social with them. They grew up to learn oral speech and went to hearing school. Their parent were afraid that they might not do well in future whether its not true.. that just happened to be not enough info or expose our community. Back to the point of learning asl well. They, who never socialize or know a bit of asl, went to Gallaudet Univetsity in D.C. it changed their life. Their asl changed much better and understood more in their culture.. more and more hearing people go there since..

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  2. It’s really exciting to meet a Deaf blogger! There are a few hard of hearing folks on WordPress, but not too many identify as Deaf.

    I’m hearing, learning to be a sign language interpreter. I want to provide exceptional service to deaf patients in hospitals, where it seems there are never enough qualified interpreters.

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

    One question: Which do you like better, WordPress or Tumblr?

    1. Thank u for following and compliment! My advice for you to be expert in ASL is to find a friend who is deaf.. or watch one of deaf vlog on youtube at least 10 to 15 mins. I do have Glide app which is a great friendly app for deaf!… Well tumblr and wordpress is good. I start to like wordpress more now because of the sharing the link of picture and messages show more than others.

      1. Haha, oh! Of course. I’ll check it out!

        I’m in South Jersey. I’m part of a group that meets once a week and always has at least 15 Deaf people. I love it!

      2. We meet in the mall and just hang out and chat. There’s people of almost all ages, young adults like me and older adults, too. I get to watch them tell so many stories.

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